Why Home Builders, Architects and Designers Should Include Elevators in Their Residential Projects

Federal Elevator’s resSONY DSCidential line is unique and can be used as a way to anticipate client’s needs and wants through the span of their family’s life. An elevator provides accessibility and investment for those that have the necessity and budget to allow for it in their home. This feature can make people’s lives easier on a daily basis and for years to come and is a way for them to future-proof their home.


An elevator helps to increase mobility and ease of access for homeowners and eliminates having to relocate if lifestyle or needs change. By 2050, it is estimated that over 32% of the Canadian population will be 60 years of age or older. As a homebuilder and designer, appealing to the growing senior market makes sense. An elevator can increase the value of a property by 10% and adds uniqueness that will set the home apart from other listings.


Although an elevator can be added through a renovation, it’s much easier for builders to think of it early on and to include it in the design process. Keep the following pointers when planning a home. Ensure that stacked closets or alcoves are included on all levels, this makes it easy to transform this space into an elevator hoistway when the need arises. Rough-in all of the elevator’s electrical needs. Create an 8” minimum pit at the lowest level of the home covered with false flooring until it is required. Finally, ensure that there are no load bearing beams in the areas where the elevator is roughed in Buy Viagra to go. These simple tips will help you to be able to offer this feature and will also help your clients with renovation costs and ease of construction should they decide to add an elevator at a later date.


As a builder, it is important for you to consider the elevator company that you want to build a partnership with. We are confident that we can be that partner as we can provide you with a solid product along with excellent service. Here are some other reasons why you should consider Federal Elevator:


  • Provide special pricing for home builders with multiple projects.
  • We can offer you a Show cab for your Décor Center.

  • Learn more about us and our process by attending one of our free informative Lunch & Learn sessions.
  • Our dedicated in-house Engineering, highly trained Manufacturing Team and our TSSA-certified Installer Teams work in unison to customize every project.
  •  We are a reliable company with over 25 years experience and have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.
  • Don’t take our word for it, come visit us! Our Showroom, the largest in Canada, has functioning elevators on display. This is a benefit as you can see our product and manufacturing plant for yourself.


Whether improving, building or investing in a home, the bottom line is that an elevator is a smart feature to offer. When you decide to go ahead with the process, please contact us at  homebuilderpackage@federalelevator.com or at (905) 458-4015 ext. 238 for more information. It would be our pleasure to help you with this endeavour.




On our way to Tampa, NAEC here we come!

By: Florence Facchini


Here is a photo of our crate awaiting for the shipper to pick up. The crate has now gone and Alan and I are next to go on Monday afternoon. The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) 64th Annual Fall Conference takes place in Tampa from September 22 – 26. NAEC is an association of elevator contractors, suppliers of products and services, and Generic Viagra other industry professionals. The Association serves the interests of the industry by promoting safety in the elevator industry and advocating excellence in the management of member companies.


Federal Elevator is a proud member of this Association and has been exhibiting at their Annual Conference for over 15 years. This year we have been assigned booth #1000. Look for show photos on our Facebook page.




This is one of the several door opening options that Federal Elevator offers. Bi-parting doors are a great option for the client who is looking for a modern and elegant entrance to their elevator. They are finished in a brushed stainless steel and are fully automatic Cialis 10mg. Bi-parting doors are widely appreciated by many clients for their durability, stability and sturdy design. The professionals at Federal Elevator can help you in designing the ideal elevator for you, send an email to sales@federalelevator.com for more information on this or any other feature.